Team Members

Diogo Gomes

Professor at the University of Aveiro at the Dep. Electronics Telecommunications & Informatics. Expert in anything related with communications and Open Source. Don't ask him to solder!

Rodrigo Graça


Web Developer, Programmer during day. Blogger, Geek, Podcasts consumer and Hacker by night. — More


Duarte Ferreira Dias

Hi....I study Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering @University of Aveiro.

Bring me an FPGA or turntable and i'll be the happiest person in the world (eheh) :)


Joaquim Santos

In love with tools since a young age, thinks that a tongue is the best tool to check if something is charged or not. If he could draw would be covered in paint... but ends up spending most of his time in pixel land!

Ricardo Lameiro

A musician, bassoon player and teacher, technology lover and advocate, libre software user and electronics hobbyist.

Francisco Mendes

Just another Maker….

André Esteves

André is a well know and public misanthrope. Likes to read, sit, fart and be obnoxious to fellow human beings. Loves mixing contact sports with general intellectual mischievous activity, electronics, soldering, programming whatever comes, inventing weird private maths and painting non-existent loveless watercolors.

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Luis Faceira

Trained software engineer turned web entrepreneur.  Started learning programming with 11 years old and started his first internet business with just 14 years old.

Permanently in love with technology and in love with the art of making good web products with his awesome team of developers @ be.ubi.

Miguel Luís


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